Why Artists Should Have A Website And An Email List

If you're involved with music in any kind of way, I'm sure you probably heard the rumors that were circulating a few weeks ago stating that SoundCloud was going down.

A lot of artists were freaking out about this because they'd be losing the fan base they had built on this platform, and basically have to start from scratch on whatever other platform they decide to move on to.

As an artist, you should have your own platform! By platform, I mean website.

Not only only does having your own website make you look professional and look like you actually take you music seriously, it gives you the ability to do a lot of things that most of these platforms do not provide. For example, the ability to build an email list of your fans.

As an artist, having an email list is one of the most important tools you can have in your arsenal.

With an email list, you can notify your fans directly whenever you release new music, have an event coming up, or have some merchandise you wish to sell.

Let's say SoundCloud did go down, by having an email list, you could easily build your following on another platform if you wanted to. All you'd have to do is send out a couple of emails to your fans letting them know which new platform they can find you on. It would take some time, but it'd be much easier for you to do than for someone who didn't have an email list at all.

SoundCloud, or any other platform for that matter, is nothing more than a tool; a tool that should be used to drive traffic to your own site!

Let me know in the comments below if you would like me to show you how to create your own website and build an email list. If a decent amount of people request it, I'll write another article detailing how to do this.

If you found this post helpful, share it so other artists can benefit from it. Until next time... ✌️😎

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